Friday, April 16, 2021

** Witness to Slaughter is a finalist in the RONE Awards **

 You read that right.

Witness to Slaughter was over at InD'Tale Magazine for a review and when it finally published, I nearly passed out to see that not only did the review earn 5 stars and 3 teapots, but also the coveted crowned heart! This means an automatic nomination into the 2021 RONE Awards!!

Week one is on now, 12-18 April

Week two, 19-25 April

- -

Week three is where you want to be!!

You, the reader, have a voice in which books you want to see win in those categories.


on the Thrillers page 26 April - 2 May

- -

Week four, 3-9 May

Week five, 10-16 May

Week six, 17-23 May

* Note: Voters must register with InD'Tale. It's free and it's only to validate voting.

InD'Tale will not abuse your trust by selling or giving away your details!

Winners will be formally announced in October.

So please sign up and cast your vote for WITNESS TO SLAUGHTER from 26 April!

And of course, if you're an avid reader, check out the other categories and cast your votes there too.

Here's the review that got my book nominated for this prestigious award. Thank you, Tonya!

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