“I'm relaxed, Belk. I call it Zen and the art of not giving a shit.”
― Michael Connelly, The Concrete Blonde

"Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth."
― Chuck Norris

"Dishonesty is a self-inflicted wound." 
― Dr AJ Austin, The Resident S5E21, played by Malcom-Jamal Warner

"Everyone leaves unfinished business. That's what dying is."
― Amos Burton, The Expanse, S3E13, played by Wes Chatham

"I'm a writer. Bullshit is my business."
― David Thorne, The Other Emily by Dean Koontz

"It's not my story but I'm the only one left to tell it."
― Unknown

"Якщо боїшся вовка, не ходи в ліс."
"If you're afraid of the wolf, don't go into the forest."
― Ukrainian proverb

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