Thursday, June 23, 2022

Alcatraz escape mystery remains after 60 years

 Have you seen these fugitives?

Alcatraz escape mystery remains after 60 years

This month marks 60 years of the greatest mystery of all time...

Did Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers really make it to shore when they swam away from Alcatraz the night of 11 June 1962?

Remains have never been identified as belonging to these men and over the decades, rumors have run rampant about the Anglin brothers.

Did the men make it to shore? Could they still be alive?

What do you think?

Newly released photos of the men show what they could look like today.

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Another step toward the big screen

 Dance with me, friends.

The first draft of the SLAUGHTERED movie script is done!!!

OK so it's 10K words overdone, but the book has been adapted to the screen.

Edits will hone down the word count, but the hardest part is done, man!!!

Let's dance!!